The Cathedral of Puebla - La Catedral de Puebla

The Cathedral of Puebla, a Tale of Two Towers

It is the first sumptuous temple that was built in America and was consecrated even before the Cathedral of Mexico City. Its construction took more than the reign of 3 kings of Spain and only between its two towers, there are 90 years’ difference.

Although it began to be built in the sixteenth century, the work stopped, changed its location and increased the size and the grandeur of its design for decades. Since it began to be built until it was consecrated 74 years went by. During that time, 3 different kings reigned Spain. Its north tower was concluded in 1678 and 90 years passed before the south tower was finished, in 1768.

It is a huge church, which has five naves, 14 lateral chapels and its famous high altar, the Altar of the Kings, built by Manuel Tolsá. The façade is Renaissance style. It is known as Del Perdón and in it you can find sculptures of different saints: San José, Santa Rosa de Lima, San Pedro, San Pablo and the archangels San Miguel and San Gabriel.


The Cathedral of Puebla - La Catedral de Puebla

This beautiful building is a World Heritage Site and, also, one of the most important museums of Spanish Colonial art in the world, thanks to its large collection of works. It is, without a doubt, a must while visiting with us in Cartesiano. Your concierge will be able to inform you about the schedules to visit and book a guide if you wish.