Capilla del Rosario

Enter a space that literally shines, practically all the walls and the ceiling of this beautiful chapel are covered with gold leaf. The Chapel of the Rosary or Capilla del Rosario is one of the most emblematic treasures in Puebla, for its awe inspiring expression of baroque art. This work, dating from the seventeenth century, is located next to the Santo Domingo Temple, in the Historic Center. In its time the chapel was considered as the “Eighth Wonder of the World” for its impressive decoration made of onyx, gilded plaster, tiles and paintings covered with 22 carat gold plates. You will be amazed with the gold emanating from every inch of this site. Observe the three theological virtues in the vault: faith, hope, and charity. In the dome, you can see Grace, accompanied by the Holy Spirit, and the portrait of 16 Dominican saints. The walls are adorned with canvases that represent the joyful mysteries of the Holy Rosary: incarnation, visitation, birth, presentation and the lost Jesus Christ found in the temple; work of painter José Rodríguez Carnero. The lower part of the walls are covered in Talavera tiles. The painting that crowns the back of the main altar is dedicated to the Glorification and Triumph of the Rosary. In 1979, Pope John Paul II, named it “reliquary of America” for its outstanding decoration and for being the first chapel built in honor of the Virgin of the Rosary around the world.